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Fossil Tours


cape enrage fossil tours

Have you ever walk on the beach and wonder what type of rocks you are looking at. Why is the rock wall tilted? Could that be a fossil? Our interpretive tour done by an amateur paleontologist will answer these questions and more. We offer two different tours:

The Horsetail Tour
half a kilometer, 30-45 minutes -  ***2023 SPECIAL***  Horsetail Tour is included with admission.  Please register upon arrival at the Gift Shop.  Tours are tide dependant and space is limited, first come first served.

The Log Jam Tour
2 kilometers, 2 hours - $19.50 per person + tax plus Entrance Fee

To reserve your guided tour for 2023 email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Horsetail Tour

This guided tour features the abundance of plant fossils found at Cape Enrage. Your interpretive guide will describe the environment where these plants got trap in sediments to eventually create fossils. This tour will take you down our beach stairs (approximately 100 steps) to explore the neighbouring rocks.
-0.5 km – 45 minutes
-Difficulty level: moderate
-Sturdy Footwear recommended
-Helmets are not required for this tour
-For all ages
-Tour is Tide dependant; can be done five hours before and after the low tide
-Fossil must remain on the beach


The Log Jam Tour

This guided tour features what Cape enrage is known for "the amazing display of Log Jam". Your interpretive guide will take you to the site of the Log Jam while explaining the different sedimentary layers of Cape Enrage, the reason of the extreme tilt in our cliff and the unique feature of our ripple rocks. We will walk together to Barn Marsh Beach to start the tour around the island of Cape Enrage and take the stairs (approximately 100 steps) back to the site.
-2 km / 2 hours
-Difficulty level: Strenuous
-Sturdy Footwear is mandatory, no sandals allowed
-Helmets, which will be provided are mandatory
-For 10 and up (must have the endurance for 2 km/2 hour walk and be able to listen to instructions)
-Tide dependant; can only be done three hours before and after low tide
-Fossils must remain on the beach
-Bring water and your camera



All fossils are protected by the Heritage Conservation Act. It stipulates that any fossil discovered in the province must not be destroyed or removed from site where they are found without the required permit.

Cape Enrage interpretive Center has an amateur paleontologist permit. Collection of loose specimens is permitted by the cape enrage staff for learning purposes. This permit is also intended to offer surveillance of the fossil site for new and important fossils that may be of importance to the New Brunswick Museum. All collected fossils are catalogued and examined by the Heritage Inspector.

pdfCape Enrage Amateur Palaeontologist Permit