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I spent two summers living beside an old lighthouse on a little island overlooking the Bay of Fundy and, yes, it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. Cape Enrage became my home away from home and those two summers while I was in university were some of the best of my life. I met some of my closest friends and had some grand adventures.

This job was my first experience working in tourism and I loved it! Working in the giftshop meant I got to interact with a lot of guests and sharing the story of the lighthouse and the Bay of Fundy made me feel so proud to be a Canadian. I had many guests tell me that they were jealous of my “office view” and I didn’t blame them.

I learnt a lot during my time at Cape; everything from knowledge about local artists and artisans to the history of the area. You don’t work in a spot like that and come away without knowing about the mighty Fundy tides, the rich coastal ecosystem they support, and the Cape Enrage cliffs whose rocks bear a fossil record of life forms and habitats from millions of years ago. In my head I can still perfectly hear the foghorn and picture how it looked when a fog bank was rolling in or out.

Every year I go back to the people and the place.